The Austin Cinemaker Co-op is a non-profit organization which seeks to promote film production, post-production and exhibition as an affordable art form.


Because you believe in what Cinemaker stands for, and because you realize that your membership helps keep the organization alive. As a member, your support insures that we continue to provide resources and services that help filmmakers find and express their individual vision.

Your membership helps us on two levels. Directly, membership fees help offset the costs of running Cinemaker's day to day operations. These costs include: rent for the office, equipment purchases and upgrades, the website, film rentals, materials for workshops, etc.

Indirectly, your membership provides concrete evidence that the film community values our resources and services. With the recent deep cuts in funding for the arts, competition for donations and grant money is tighter than ever. Your support could be a decisive factor in Cinemaker's bid for program funding.


Please read through the list below and choose the level that best suits you.

The Co-op enthusiastically encourages first-time filmmakers, so now might be the time to make that film you've been thinking about! AS A NONPROFIT GROUP, WE RELY ON THE SUPPORT OF FILM LOVERS LIKE YOU, AND WE THANK YOU! If you have any questions about membership levels or the services Cinemaker provides, please email Luna Afroz.


$25 - $39 STUDENT:

  • Cinemaker's quarterly newsletter
  • Cinemaker bumpersticker
  • $15 discount on Super 8 monthly workshop
  • 50% discount on Cinemaker equipment rentals
  • 50% discount on admission to Cinemaker screenings and salons
  • 10% discount on any purchase at Texas Light & Film and on University Co-op film stock purchases
  • 5% discount on GEAR film stock purchases
  • Group discounts to local festivals, including SXSW and Cinematexas

$40 - $74 REGULAR 8: student benefits plus:

  • 1 free basic camera weekend rental
  • 2 free festival screening passes, sent to you as tickets
  • ("Twofer" special = two REGULAR 8's for $75)

$75 - $149 SUPER 8: student benefits plus:

  • 1 free basic camera weekend rental
  • 4 free festival screening passes, sent to you as tickets
  • 1 free salon
  • Cinemaker t-shirt
  • ("Twofer" special = two SUPER 8's for $140)

$150 - $250 DEMI-NEUF: student benefits plus:

  • 8 free festival screening passes, sent to you as tickets, with reserved seating (advance notice)
  • 2 free salons
  • Cinemaker t-shirt
  • 1 video compilation
  • Acknowledgment in festival programs
  • ("Twofer" special = two DEMI NEUF's for $275)

Online Registration

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Mail-in Registration

To register by mail, print out the membership form, fill it out, and send it, along with your dues, to us at

Austin Cinemaker Co-op
Attn: Membership Department
1705 Guadalupe, Suite 201
Austin, TX 78701



Austin Cinemaker Co-op | 1705 Guadalupe St. Suite 201 | Austin, TX 78701 | (512) 236-8877

The Cinemaker Co-op is a non-profit film resource center in Austin, Texas, dedicated to the belief that film can be -- and is -- a financially accessible art form.To that end, we provide low-cost super 8 film equipment rental as well as a variety of educational workshops, screening salons, and film festivals throughout the year.

Austin Cinemaker Co-op is sponsored in part by The Hideout Coffee House and Theatre, KMFA Classical 89.5, is a sponsored project of the Austin Writers' League, and is funded in part by the City of Austin under the auspices of the Austin Arts Commission

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